Bypass iCloud Activation Lock iPhone 6

Your iPhone 6 Locked? The Best Way Remove iCloud Activation Lock from iPhone 6 – iOS 13.3.1 Up To Date

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone 6. The iCloud Activation is a feature that keeps getting better and more secure with each update. In 2020 there were major changes make to it too. By which you couldn’t see the activation lock status anymore. However, it is not too difficult to bypass it.

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So Now we are going to explain how to remove iCloud activation lock from your Apple device quickly and easily. In fact, I’m going to teach you the 2 techniques used successfully by members of the iChimp community to bypass iCloud on dozens of devices including different iPhone 6, iPad & Apple Watch models.

Step By Step Full Guide How To Bypass iCloud Lock Activation On iPhone 6

Step 1. Download the Unlock Tool on the following link:

iCloud Activation Lock iPhone 6

Step 2. After downloading the tool on your PC or mac double click and Run the iCloud Unlock tool.

The Installation Wizard will appear and do all the work for you just need to click Next until it’s over.

On your desktop, you should have posted a shortcut of Bypass iCloud Lock Unlock Tool, double click and Run As Administrator.

Remove iCloud Activation Lock from iPhone 6

Step 3. Press Check, now iCloud Unlock tool can scan and find the connected device.

(iPhone 6 or 6 Plus) and enable connection with the mimic Apple server.

Remove Lock from iPhone 6

Step 4. Enter your IMEI (unique 15 digits) in IMEI box and your Email ( in the Email box.

Bypass iCloud Lock iPhone 6

Step 5. Select the suitable Server sorted by Server iPhone 6 for iPhone 6 and Server iPhone 6 Plus.

Step 6. Check the I agree the terms of Use and Press Unlock, the process is on automation from now on.

All you need to do is sit tight and wait for Unlock iCloud Tool to Remove iCloud Activation Lock from your iPhone

And send all the details on your email (the same email you have to enter it).

Note: On this way, you are completely protect from stealing your new Apple ID send to your email and you are done.

Follow Full Introductions and This Guide Only For iPhone 6 iCloud Bypass

Use it wisely this tool because if you use twice on the same email it will result in an error and you must report all process. From the beginning with new email address.

Step 7. After completion of the process, it will appear a Message Box if the process was successfully you will get: Results Are Mail To “the same email you have to enter it”.

If not you will get a message with “Result from an Error Please Repeat the process”.

If your iPhone 6 is stuck with any of the following screens, you might try this service. After the phone is unlock, you can permanently remove the previous iCloud account on the iPhone and activate the iPhone 6 with your new iCloud account. If you do have the Apple account email and just forgot the Apple ID or password, you can also try to reset iPhone 6 without Apple ID.